This is primarily a travel blog. Or rather, a blog about places and stories. I want to fight against the world trying to fit all experiences into a posed picture and short caption by telling the stories of the things that I do and how I feel while doing them. This is for my memories, for my wonderful family and friends around the world and for anyone else who likes to daydream about places that aren’t where their feet are.

My happy place

However, while I really like to travel, I also really like to eat. And read. And learn languages. And take photos. And think and talk and read about feminism and social issues. And think extensively about relationships and friendships and overthink what society is like now and how it’s changed and is Instagram the worst thing in the world and why does everyone feel the need to buy things all the time and should I become a scuba diving instructor or a CEO? Oh, and my IUD. I really like my IUD.

So this may well end up being a bit of everything. Mostly travel and stories. But the other stuff too.

Exploring Salzburg. Also with chocolate doughnut pretzels because Austria

I want to write more about it all. I want to get better at writing, at exploring my ideas and connecting with people. I want to be brave enough to share it with everyone.

Thank you to anyone who choose to spend part of their day here with me!