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The best of Get Snappy

by Ellie Hopgood

Last year, I wrote a blog post every Sunday that shared my favourite photos from that past week. The idea was to take more photos and put them out into the world to be judged by anyone misguided enough to regularly read my blog.

Overall… it worked. I think. I certainly took more photos than I would have otherwise – the fact that I have yet to turn on my camera in 2020 is proof of that – and I had to find inspiration when I found myself hurtling towards Sunday with nothing to show for that week. I shot still life studies of flowers in my flat, stalked the swans in Hyde Park and forced my long-suffering friends and family to model for me, regardless of their reservations. It also prompted me to document most of the interesting things I did and places I went in 2019. For the penultimate blog in the Get Snappy series, I wanted to share a post looking over the best of Get Snappy, including my favourite photo from each week. Interestingly, even though almost all of my best photos of the year featured in a Get Snappy blog at one point or another, they often weren’t the ones I liked most when looking over a whole week’s set of pictures. This also means that this list is different enough to my other big photography blog post that I think it’s still worth reading (hint hint).

My favourite overall weeks of Get Snappy were week 1, week 3, week 6, week 15, week 28, week 32, week 37, week 38, week 41, week 47, week 48 and week 51. You can see that most of my favourites were in the second half of the year, which I hope means that I improved. But every week had something to like in it, and you can see my favourites down below.


Week 1

London, UK. I remember wandering around London with my camera in the first week of January and taking photos of this statue for the first time, alive with the energy of the new year. A good memory.

Week 2

London, UK. I did not give this picture enough attention at the time. It’s funny how a year’s reflection can change your perspective. I love it now!

Week 3

Ivalo, Finland.

Week 4

Ivalo, Finland.


Week 5

London, UK. You guys already know how much I love this picture.

Week 6

Bansko, Bulgaria. This photo in particular was an unexpected favourite. Week 6 contained so many great mountain photos from Bansko – so many that I put them in a dedicated blog post – that I thought my favourite would surely be a picture of the rolling snow-capped peaks. And yet, this photo just spoke to me. It had to be my favourite.

Week 7

Bansko, Bulgaria.

Week 8

Oxford, UK.


Week 9

London, UK.

Week 10

London, UK.

Week 11

London, UK. Most of this week’s photos were duds but I think this one is pretty good.

Week 12

London, UK. Again, an unexpected favourite, from my first protest of the year. I like the lighting and the expression on the sign-holder’s face.

Week 13

Oxford, UK. I think this is the weakest picture of the set. Nemo is adorable but the colours just aren’t right.


Week 14

London, UK. I love this picture. That’s all.

Week 15

Bruges, Belgium. Bruges was a dream to wander around with a camera.

Week 16

Bodrum, Turkey. Turkey was a bust photographically. I quite like how edgy this photo of my brother looks though.

Week 17

London, UK.


Week 18

Cornwall, UK.

Week 19

London, UK. I did not remember this photo until now, which is a shame, because it’s awesome! I remember wandering around Central London with Jake, begging him to model for me. I think this picture is a worthy outcome.

Week 20

Cornwall, UK.

Week 21

Barcelona, Spain.


Week 22

Barcelona, Spain.

Week 23

London, UK. This was the same week as the Trump protest, which also yielded some great pictures – but this photo of Tower Bridge just has the edge. I love how the greys and blues work together.

Week 24

London, UK.

Week 25

Oxford, UK.

Week 26

Oxford, UK.


Week 27

London, UK.

Week 28

Budapest, Hungary. This collection of old Soviet statues is very cool and weird. I’m so glad I made the effort to visit while I was in Budapest.

Week 29

Edinburgh, Scotland. I had two great weekends visiting Jake up in Edinburgh this summer. This weekend in particular resulted in some awesome photos.

Week 30

Oxford, UK.


Week 31

Edinburgh, Scotland.

Week 32

Polzeath, Cornwall. Another photo I hadn’t given much thought to and am now obsessed with. I love the effect of ocean spray in photos. Maybe there’s a future project there.

Week 33

Canary Wharf, London. We were viewing a flat nearby when I had a moment to snap this. London is a cool place.

Week 34

Tsavo East, Kenya.


Week 35

Vipingo, Kenya.

Week 36

Whitstable, UK. Whitstable was an unexpected gem to walk around with my camera. I love the angles and perspective in this picture.

Week 37

London, UK. One from the botanical gardens in Kew.

Week 38

London, UK. One of my favourites from the global climate strike.

Week 39

London, UK. This week was good example of finding some good shots at the last minute. I’m so happy with how these turned out.


Week 40

London, UK.

Week 41

London, UK.

Week 42

London, UK. The second Stop Brexit march of the year. All for nothing in the end, but I’m so glad I went both times anyway.

Week 43


Week 44

Cornwall, UK.

Week 45

London, UK.

Week 46

Gili Air, Indonesia.

Week 47

Gili Air, Indonesia.


Week 48

Komodo, Indonesia. I love the texture in this photo.

Week 49

London, UK.

Week 50

Paris, France. This might be my favourite photo of the year. It’s so arresting.

Week 51

London, UK.

Week 52

Oxford, UK.

It is so nice to get to see my year laid out like this; I remember exactly when each photo was taken and my mood at the time. That’s partly why I like to take so many photos – they anchor you back in that moment with only a single frame. Having this collection of 2019 memories is definitely the best part of having done this Get Snappy series. The other big positives were improving my skills, being forced to be creative when I didn’t feel like it, receiving feedback from you guys and the routine of sitting down each Sunday to write about my week. I’m so glad that I started this project one year ago and saw it through to the end. Thank you to anyone who followed along with me throughout the year – I hope you enjoyed these little snapshots into my life!

Up next: the worst of Get Snappy. There were definitely some very bad pictures that wormed their way into my weekly blog posts!

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