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Get Snappy 51: London

by Ellie Hopgood

This was a much better week. In fact, this was a really lovely week. Much of my sadness last weekend was because I felt like I should be spending more time with my friends and family. This week, I rectified that excellently. I saw Maddie on Monday, Sophie on Tuesday, Maddie again on Wednesday, Maddie again on Thursday, Jake’s family on Friday, Matt and Imogen on Saturday and my family and Maddie’s entire family on Sunday, today. So special. Between our trip in November and our illnesses and work deadlines in December, I did not feel like I’d paid enough attention to our nearest and dearest as of late. It felt so good to put in a lot of face time with friends and family again.

As I’m sure is the case for most people in the UK, everything is winding down for Christmas. The office was very quiet this week. I, however, am working until midday on Christmas Eve, so I have been slowly getting through my tasks while enjoying the plentiful Christmas treats appearing on our desks everyday. I have also been planning my end-of-the-year blog posts and thinking about what I want to get up to next year, both online and off. I am a very reflective, goal-orientated person so the end of year – and the start of the next one – is always a time I enjoy.

I made some basic photographic errors this week. I did not bring my camera when Maddie and I went out for a festive meal in Central London, surrounded by Christmas trees and neon lights, which was a big mistake from a Get Snappy perspective. I didn’t get my camera out much with my friends either. I am definitely winding down with Get Snappy; this is the penultimate post, after all. I am glad I set myself the task of taking, editing and sharing photos every week. It pushed me to take photos all over London, experiment with portraits and still life photography and practise with different lenses and settings. But by the end, it has become somewhat of a chore to find something every week. Lots of weeks are not that photogenic. I will be doing two posts in the New Year that look at the best and worst of Get Snappy, so I’m sure I’ll be reminded of every good moment that I otherwise wouldn’t have captured and be grateful for the impetus to snap a picture at seemingly random times, even the unphotogenic ones. On the other hand, one of the things I’ve learned about photography this year is when to take a picture and when to put the camera away. Lots of people see photography as disruptive of an experience; I disagree, because trying to capture moments thoughtfully has made me engage much more deeply with all sorts of inconsequential moments, but I do think knowing when you won’t get a good picture, and restraining yourself in those moments, is a skill. I feel like I’m going into 2020 with a sense of when to turn my camera on, and when to leave it in its bag. Maybe that’s been the most valuable lesson of all.

Only one more Get Snappy after this! Which photo is your favourite?

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