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Get Snappy 49

by Ellie Hopgood

Well, this week was a rude awakening back into the real world after two blissful weeks by the sea. After landing back in the UK at 6.30am on Monday morning, I headed straight into work. The morning passed without incident, but by 3pm the words on my computer screen were swimming in front of me. I had only wanted to squeeze every possible second out of our trip to Indonesia, hence the crazy arrival schedule, but it was hard to remember my reasoning when I got back from work on Monday evening and felt like I was extremely drunk and about to pass out from exhaustion. We ended up going to sleep at 7.30pm, which was a bold move; I have enough experience with jet lag to know that following the whims of your tiredness can screw your sleep schedule for a long time. Fortunately, I was that tired, and other than a brief conversation at three in the morning we managed to sleep through to our 6.30am alarm. When a well-timed FaceTime with Kate the following evening meant that I made it to 10pm, I hoped the jet lag was behind me. Unfortunately, my immune system had other plans, so by that point I’d also come down with a wicked sore throat and cold that had me wishing to stay bedridden. The fever-causing virus from last week has also continued to plague Jake since we arrived home, meaning that the two of us were frantically working to catch up with our jobs while also being quite sick and in desperate need of many long nights of sleep. Given this, it has been a haphazard week, full of early bedtimes and midnight paracetamol runs and salt water washes. You’d think we’d have planned a chill weekend to properly recover from the illness and jet lag, but Friday was Jake’s birthday, and Saturday was his birthday party and our belated housewarming party. Jake was so sick on Saturday morning that we almost cancelled the whole thing, but our lovely friends put up with our snivelling selves in exchange for copious amounts of gin that Jake and I vowed not to drink, with limited success.

This morning, we were wrecked. It was so, so nice to catch up with our friends and show them our new flat, but my voice is gone, my throat is raw and my head is full of cotton wool. Jake’s not faring much better. What sad sacks we are! It’s hard to believe what we were doing last week, compared to the sub-zero temperatures, illnesses and mounting to-do lists that have formed the basis of the past seven days. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining – the only way to be truthful about what happened this week is to say that I was sick and tired for most of it! I am still so grateful that we were able to take such a brilliant trip, even if running around all over Indonesia before heading straight back into a long week at the office does usually lead to feeling a bit ragged. For all these reasons, I also found writing so hard this week, but fortunately I just managed to squeeze out three blogs. My camera did not get much of a look-in either.

All I have to show for this week are a few candids of our lovely friends from last night. I am so grateful that they came to hang out with us, even though we were snuffling, and made it so that our new digs feel suitably warmed. We’re so lucky to have such a sweet community of friends in London, which is the main thing that makes it feel like home. Here’s to feeling better next week, and having my first mulled wine of the season to celebrate!

Here are this week’s photos. What do you think?

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