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Get Snappy 43: London

by Ellie Hopgood

Since getting back from Kenya at the beginning of September, I’ve spent a lot of time in London. I had vague plans for a weekend in Riga or Berlin or Amsterdam, but a combination of our flat move and my new aim to not fly short haul for very short periods of time unless that trip is necessary or unusually significant meant that I axed those plans. Instead, I’ve been seeing more friends, spending more time in London and making our new flat pretty and comfortable. It’s been good, but I am itching to leave the city. Fortunately we’ll be in Cornwall next weekend and Indonesia (!!) two weekends after that. I can’t wait!

This week’s photos are mainly of plants, due in part to the beautiful and hugely extravagant bunch of pink and purple flowers Jake bought last week to spruce up our new place and due in part to it being autumn and the sun occasionally shining, making it illegal to not go out and get a few orange snaps with your camera. I used the macro lens for the photos of the flowers, as a continuation of a low-key project to take macro close-ups of parts of flowers and the other plants, started the other week. I think it’s good for my photography skills to spend time really getting to grips with the capacity and controls of different lenses, so I can switch between them seamlessly when I’m out and about with less time to consider my options.

For reference, here are the flowers in question:

I love these pictures, because when you do extreme close-ups photos start to get really experimental. I like getting up close with my camera and turning an (albeit spectacular) everyday item like a bunch of flowers into art. I would like to do more concrete photography ‘projects’ in the future so small studies of a single item like this make me really feel like I’m working on my skills.

The rest of the pictures are from a short walk around our new local area, wandering into small parks and along a new stretch of a river, or from our sunset walk around Brockwell Park before heading over to Jake’s parents’ house for dinner. Autumn colours are the best. I hope you enjoy!

Which photo is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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