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Get Snappy 25: London and Oxford

by Ellie Hopgood

I was planning to finish my portfolio this week, but that didn’t happen, because I was too busy reading about climate change, watching Harry Potter films and trying in vain to understand how trading on a stock exchange actually works before my upcoming financial exams. However, fortunately, this week was not a total bust on the actual photography front.

Firstly, I made the switch to Lightroom for editing, rather than continuing to use the cheap VSCO software on my phone that I’ve been editing with up until this point. It took me a little while to switch because I didn’t want to learn a whole new editing system, until, of course, I spent an hour or so getting to grips with Lightroom and realised that it is so much better than my cheap phone app.

In terms of pictures, I have a few from my usual haunt of Tower Bridge and the riverfront, but most of this week’s photos are from Oxford, where I’ve been spending the weekend with my parents and our lovely dog. Saturday was the most gorgeous summer day, with perfect blue sky and sun so warm that I even got a little bit sunburned (which shouldn’t be a surprise in June, but it is). We read books in the garden, bought ice cream in town and threw tennis balls for Nemo over and over again; it was bliss.

Of my Oxford pictures, the bulk are from a photoshoot I did with Maddie, using a macro lens rather than my usual 18-55mm standard lens (or, rather, a mix of the two). It was so much fun! Maddie is a natural model and was on for all the poses and locations (within the confines of a single garden) that we could think of. I particularly like the photos of her in the tree, with her eye peering through the leaves, and the portrait-orientation pictures of her giving me big smiles. Editing these pictures with Lightroom meant I could do so much more with the base images, as I could bring out the shadows to really make Maddie’s beautiful face pop! I think my portraits are improving, which is a good feeling.

I also used the macro lens to practise taking close-ups of a few of the flowers and a bug. The macro lens is a fixed length and can get fantastic detail of small things like tiny flowers and pretty bugs – the little beetle was only a centimetre across! It can be hard to get the focus exactly right (I didn’t quite get it right for the blue flowers) but, again, I’ll improve with practise.

Other than that, I took a few of my dad looking stern as ever (which is ironic as he is a very smiley person, but you’ll have to get used to the serious photo faces) and a few of Nemo, who always brightens up a weekend with his happy little face.

Here are my photos for this week. Which is your favourite?

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11
Photo 14
Photo 15
Photo 18
Photo 19
Photo 20
Photo 21
Photo 22

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