More photos of spring flowers in Cornwall

More photos of spring flowers in Cornwall

Yesterday, I posted a blog full of photos from early March in Cornwall. Today, I want to share some photos from this past weekend. If you read the most recent Get Snappy, you’ll probably have got a sense of how pleased I am with these pictures. I love them! I love taking pictures of flowers and the daisies and wisteria were perfect subjects.

I don’t really know what else to say, to be honest! It’s hard sometimes to think of some fun, witty words when really all I want to say is “look at these pretty pictures!”

As you might be able to tell from Get Snappy and the other posts I’ve shared that are almost solely a collection of photos, I have spent a lot of time on photography this year so far. At least once a week (though usually a lot more than that), I am out and about with my camera, trying to find the best light in all the places I go, whether that’s during a trip abroad or in the streets surrounding my office. I really care about this stuff. It’s so gratifying taking photos I love and having other people love them too.

I have so much to learn about photography but the learning process has been so wonderful so far. I am always especially inspired by bright colours and the natural world. I love these pictures and hope you do too.

(Is that enough preamble? I’m sure you’re all saying “YES.”)

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