Throwback to magnolia in March

Throwback to magnolia in March

In March, I took a load of photos of beautiful magnolia in Cornwall and posted them alongside a thousand words about my brief foray into plant science at university. It was funny enough, but that same week I had a crisis of confidence about my blog topics and deleted it for being a blah post.

Since then, I have found my feet a lot more with the blog. I have interspersed photo-focused posts with political essays and think pieces and I feel better for it. But, as I’m preparing a post for later this week full of beautiful wisteria and daises from this past weekend in Cornwall, I did feel it was shame that those photos are no longer on Restless. As much as this blog is my weird diary and personal rant platform, it’s also a portfolio of sorts. I think those flower pictures are special and found myself wishing that there was a post full of them.

Here are some flowers from back in March, as spring was just beginning. Tomorrow, you’ll see the difference two months makes!

Aside from the magnolia, there were some other beautiful early spring plants too…

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