Get Snappy 18: London and Cornwall

Get Snappy 18: London and Cornwall

This has been an amazing week for photos! Seriously, Cornwall in the spring is clearly one of the most photogenic places on Earth. The flowers are in bloom and it is absolutely stunning.

I love photographing flowers. I spent a long time taking pictures of the wisteria from as many angles as possible. I especially liked getting pictures from underneath with the sun shining through. Often middle of the day sun washes out a photo but the combination of the sun and the beautiful purple flowers was excellent. The sun also perfectly illuminated some roses, setting the scene for one of my favourite pictures of this week. The colours are so vibrant, especially the grass and gorgeous green trees, so much so that they barely need any colour editing or brightening. I really can’t express just how much I love being out in nature with my camera and how proud I am of any beautiful outdoor shots I take. The light was also especially nice this week, giving the bright green grass and trees a golden tint. I am so pleased with some of these pictures and I think they capture spring in Cornwall perfectly.

I also got some proper time in the ocean with my camera and its new underwater housing. I used the housing for the first time in Turkey the other week, but this was the first time I feel pleased with some of the pictures. Good actual underwater photos still elude me – the sea was very choppy meaning that the water was full of foam and sand – but I had a wonderful time taking pictures of the waves and Jake and Alinka in them. Waves are amazing but very different to photograph well, in a way that gives a sense of their scale and power (much like mountains). It’s so cool to be able to get in the water and photograph them up close. I also love pictures of people crashing into waves and there were plenty of opportunities to take pictures of that. I spent a long time in the cold ocean, getting hit by waves and taking photos, and despite how chilly it was it was so amazing and fresh. I think the camera picked up the bright colours well; I absolutely love the blues of the sea and sky. This also allowed me to get a new view of Tregardock, from the ocean looking back at the rock formations. This was my first trip to Tregardock of 2019 and it did not disappoint (I mean, it never does).

I got my underwater camera out again at Bedruthan’s Steps too and was thrilled with a couple of pictures that focused in on the spray after Jake was hit by a wave. Bedruthan’s Steps generally yielded some great pictures, especially with the water being such a brilliant shade of turquoise. Can you tell I love these places?!

Aside from glorious spring pictures in Cornwall, I have continued to practise taking portraits this week too. I took some fun pictures of my parents at dinner early this week and put Sophie through the agony of me snapping pictures as we hung out on Wednesday. I also took some nice photos of Linky and Jake in Cornwall. Sometimes I keep the pictures in colour (and I always keep a colour copy in my own files) but I really feel like portraits are much better in monochrome. There’s something so striking about the black and white and I think it keeps the focus on people’s expressions far more effectively. The main issue is how uncomfortable people get in front of the camera, so I’m working on making the camera an unthreatening presence and taking lots and lots of pictures, with the hope that a few come out well. I particularly love getting good candid photos (as does everyone) so I just have to keep snapping until I get a nice picture!

I love these pictures; I hope you do too! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo 1: the professionals
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11
Photo 12
Photo 13
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Photo 15
Photo 16
Photo 17
Photo 18
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