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Get Snappy 17: London

by Ellie Hopgood

My brain feels like mush right now, honestly. I have been trying to write all weekend but the words haven’t been coming out nor have I been able to focus on a book or anything else. But I have yet to miss a Get Snappy so I will get these words out come hell or high lethargy.

I have been feeling the urge to take more photos of my family and friends recently, which has already been a joy. Every time I get a good snap of a friend or Jake or my parents it makes me so unreasonably happy. I tend to make both a colour and a black and white version, because I often think that photos of people are more impactful in monochrome. This week I took some photos of Jake and of our friends Imogen and Matt and I really love them. Knowing how to make people feel natural while you have a camera out is a real skill and it’s one I am keen to practise. I do have one tried and tested trick for taking great, candid pictures of people but it involves partial nudity so I’m not sure everyone would be up for it, though it is highly effective. Unorthodox photographic methods aside, I’m really pleased with some of the sweet photos I took of Jake and Imogen this week and feel like I’m starting find my groove with portraits. The ultimate aim is to get great un-posed photos but that’s going to take more time and better, more intuitive camera skills on my part.

Aside from the portraits, there are a couple of photos from Covent Garden this week. The evening light was beautiful and I love taking close-ups of flowers. I should use the macro lens more often as the quality is absolutely stunning, far better than when I use my standard lens. We’ll be in Cornwall next weekend for a family celebration so I should get some good floral photos, as May is peak flower time!

Let me know which photo is your favourite in the comments!

Photo 1
Photo 2
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