Get Snappy 16: Bodrum, Turkey

Get Snappy 16: Bodrum, Turkey

I have written so many blogs this week that I’m all written-out by now, which is a shame given that I have some cool photos from Turkey this week and would like to put some interesting words with them. This week, I have posted blogs about a food tour in Bruges, the role colonisation played in the development of our favourite snacks, a piece comparing the fall of Bruges with Brexit and the potential decline of the UK, a post sharing all my best photos from Belgium and a blog about why Notre Dame burning down was so sad, written late at night and full of tired emotion. That’s a lot of time spent typing. Fortunately for all of you, and my fingers, I have decidedly less to say about Bodrum though I still have some snaps to share.

Bodrum is located toward the south of Turkey, on the Aegean Sea. Not only is the Aegean Sea extremely beautiful, Bodrum is also covered in famous ancient ruins, lots of bright red Turkish flags and has given us some great sunrises and sunsets this week. We’ve done a lot of chilling, so I haven’t been the most dedicated tourist, though we did see the ruins of Halicarnassus, which are an ancient wonder of the world and a pretty good sight for any Easter weekend. I have also spent a lot of time trying to catch various flags at full extension in the wind.

The most interesting thing about this week photographically was that I used my underwater camera case for the first time! I first decided to test it in a pool and then took it out into the freezing April Aegean. Even with a wetsuit on, there was only so long I was able to withstand temperatures that cold for a few pictures of silver fish. I had fun practising with the beautiful light in the pool though was underwhelmed by my brief time snorkeling. While there wasn’t a lot to see just off the beach, taking good underwater photos anywhere without a strobe is challenging. Even only two metres under the sea, there is very little red light so everything is very blue. I know how to rebalance the colours while editing, but I’m only using basic editing software and if there isn’t anything bright or colourful to highlight, the pictures are pretty dull. I quite liked one of them, though it wasn’t good enough to make the cut of best photos this week.

The best of the undersea pickings

I will definitely need more practise if I want to eventually take great underwater pictures. The housing worked beautifully, though it is nerve-wracking putting a good camera underwater. It did fog up a little because the air was warm and the water extremely cold, so I’ll have to figure out how to minimise that in the future. I was only using auto and I do want to ultimately use manual, but I think that will be too difficult when snorkeling, as getting anywhere near the bottom means diving down which already made focusing while on auto almost impossible. I don’t therefore have high hopes for changing the settings while bobbing around vertically and upside down in the sea. It’s all a learning process, I guess, and it was still fun to have the chance to get a few shots in! This week’s photos are a bit random but sometimes that’s how it happens, even while poking around a new place.

Which photo is your favourite?

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