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Beautiful Bruges in thirty-two photos

by Ellie Hopgood

As per usual, there’s only so far words can get you when telling the story of a place. Especially when those words are my words. As I’ve written more non-travel content, I’ve realised how much harder it is (for me) to tell funny, impactful stories about the things I’ve seen and done. I’m a big non-fiction reader and that shows in my writing; while travel tales are true, they read like a story rather than an essay or an argument, the latter of which definitely come more naturally to me. In the absence of perfect prose, my camera can offer a window in different places, and my life, that words can struggle to capture so simply. I have fallen in love with photography and putting together straightforward posts full of my favourite images has become one of my most-loved methods of sharing travel.

Given that pictures are worth a thousand words and no one wants to read 32,000 words about Bruges, it seems better to share a few photos that will hopefully give you that same experience without also giving you a migraine.

In Bruges, I learned a lot about chocolate, the advent of the stock exchange and how beautiful this little city is. Once a major centre of trade, and therefore the world, Bruges is now far less of a global powerhouse. However, the wealth and thoughtful design that was clearly abundant when the city was built some hundreds of years ago are still visible in every street. I had no idea that Bruges was so pretty but I became aware of this almost immediately, as the whole city is full of these ornate, crenellated and brightly coloured little houses lining the winding streets.

Below, you’ll find a selection of photos from Bruges. If you’re looking for a European city to visit with beautiful architecture, delicious food, world-class chocolate and surprisingly engrossing political history then Bruges is a wonderful option. I can’t express how bowled over I was by Bruges’ charm. It’s a blissfully unappreciated gem and I hope these photos show that.

Bruges’ famous belfry
The Basilica of the Holy Blood
This is a large tower
Michelangelo’s Madonna
This is a REAL PLACE

You can read more about the challenges of photographing Bruges here.

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