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How to pose for photos as a couple

by Ellie Hopgood

A few months ago, I wrote a post containing my best tips for posing for photos. As that post proved, I am extremely gifted in the art of posing, which is why I am definitely the right person to be offering advice.

I thought I’d come back again to try to help you solve another photographic conundrum – how to pose for photos with your partner.

We all know that getting great shots with your love is an art. Feeling relaxed enough in front of the camera to let your relationship shine through beyond the slightly awkward poses is a big ask for many.

Well, never fear – we’re here to help (Jake doesn’t know he’ll be providing this service, but I’m confident that he’ll be happy to share his expertise). Here are some great tips for taking photos as a couple:

Just act natural

Often the problem with posing for pictures is that they appear stiff and staged. One of the best ways to combat this is by doing the things you typically do when the cameras are turned off (no, not that). Holding hands, cuddling, chatting, picking food out of each other’s teeth because one of you bites your nails and can’t do it himself – you know, the sweet, romantic stuff.

Control your face

It’s easy when the camera is turned on you to start pulling faces to combat how awkward you feel. This is only made easier by being there with your partner, as you two can play off each other with the silly expressions. Unfortunately, to take a truly good photo, you can’t be baring your teeth like a rabid dog, scrunching up your face in abject disgust or generally making a face that would make the viewer question your sanity. You want to look relaxed, calm and happy, not wild, perturbed or unhinged.

Interact with your partner

You don’t want to look like two people who just happen to be in the same frame. You want it to be clear that you love each other and that you are physically comfortable being in each other’s personal space. Doing something that shows that closeness, like hugging, or maybe a gentle tickle, makes your photos together look dynamic and lively. I mean, don’t go too far, like grabbing your partner’s face unexpectedly or going for an aggressive tickle that leaves them flailing. That would definitely not help your quest for a great picture together.

Switch up your location

Sometimes you need a new backdrop to provide inspiration and give your pictures a fresh look. By varying your location, you’ll keep your photos fun and also prove definitively that your partner likes you enough to be seen with you in public multiple times. The beach can be a fun location for pictures, though try to avoid inherently unflattering scenarios like, as a random example, taking pictures while wearing a snorkel and goggles that make you look ridiculous.

Think about the meaning of your poses

Choosing a pose where you stand far apart from each other, with a confused look on your face, tends to suggest that you are deeply suspicious of each other rather than that you share a loving partnership. If you are a couple of reproductive age, choosing a pose that looks as if one of you is caressing the other’s stomach can send the wrong message. Think about your poses and the bigger meaning they convey – you don’t want to send out a sweet picture of you and your love only to find yourself receiving confusing congratulatory storks in response.

*don’t worry, not pregnant

Highlight the things you love about your partner

Relationships are often based on a mix of physical and emotional desire. Taking pictures together can be a great way of highlighting the parts of your partner that you love. Given that expressing appreciation for a great sense of humour, extreme kindness and capacity for empathy is fairly difficult in a still image, you might have to get creative about the other parts of your love you’d like to showcase.

If all else fails, try a grand romantic gesture

Sometimes literally sweeping your love off their feet is great way to take a bold, candid, romantic picture. You do want to consider whether you truly have the physicality to lift your partner, especially if they are clearly your physical equal as much your emotional one (don’t fight it, Jake, you know it’s true). You don’t want to try to lift them gloriously into your arms, only to end up slowly dropping them to the ground because you overestimated your ability to keep your not-insignificant significant other in the air long enough for the snap to be taken. Plus, any hilarious failures of this move will then be immortalised forever. Take caution.

Nailed it

Last but not least, always remember to show who’s boss*

*in a totally egalitarian, mutually supportive, loving, respectful feminist way between two people who love each other as equals. Of course.

…and that’s all there is to it! By following the above tips, you should be set to take beautiful photos with your partner. All you can really ask for is that you end up with photos that capture the essence of your relationship. If, like us, you like joking around, being silly together and not taking yourselves too seriously, then by now you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Happy snapping!

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