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Snapshots from Mount Snowdon

by Ellie Hopgood

One of my favourite posts on this site is from our trip to Snowdonia last August. Despite it being the height of summer, it rained every day. The UK is terrible.

Well, it’s not all terrible. Some parts of the UK are painfully beautiful, like the beaches on the south coast or Snowdonia National Park. I can’t in good faith say that Snowdon is an undervisited location, given that there were approximately one billion people sharing the mountain with us. People know it’s there. Though they might not know how gorgeous it can be.

We climbed Mount Snowdon via the Crib Goch route, the most difficult path that involves some scrambling. I only thought I might die twice. However, it does mean that you spend far more of the climb high up on the mountain, which makes for spectacular views (the summit was high enough that there was a total white-out) and you avoid most of the other hikers for most of the climb. I thought the post I wrote after that adventure was super funny but didn’t make enough of just how gorgeous the scenery is. Even in the rain, the trek up Mount Snowdon is very beautiful.

Here are some photos, in chronological order, from a day that managed to be both rainy and sunny, cloudy and clear and saw me wearing both a t-shirt and sunglasses and a raincoat and thick jumper within an hour of each other. We didn’t bring enough food but I did charge the camera battery, showing where my priorities lie when it comes to outdoor adventures.

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