Get Snappy 10: London

Get Snappy 10: London

This week contained basically my two favourite ‘public’ days: Pancake Day and International Women’s Day. I have come to treasure Pancake Day (should this be capitalised? It does feel like an occasion that deserves capital letters) as a sacred opportunity to eat pancakes for dinner (and breakfast and lunch if you want to be truly inspirational) without anyone questioning your nutritional choices. The best pancake topping is Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream. I will take no questions on this matter.

My parents were both having an extremely busy week at work, so, in a moment of role reversal, I headed over to theirs to make them pancakes. I don’t think they were my best pancakes – though my dad enjoyed them enough to Instagram them, a true mark of success – but they hit the spot, especially covered in Nutella, fresh fruit, whipped cream, caramelised bananas, cinnamon sugar and maple syrup (not all at once; that would be crazy!).

The other notable ‘day’ this week was International Women’s Day. Yes, I think it’s fair to say that at this point IWD is a corporate, commercial tool as much as it is a genuine expression of support and power from women to women, but I still love seeing all my friends appreciate one another and address women and girls everywhere with messages of solidarity and encouragement. I’d been planning to write two blogs for IWD – one on great feminist reads, the other on women’s rights around the world – but it got to Tuesday and I realised I hadn’t started researching or writing either of these posts. Writing blogs ahead of time has never been my forte. I spent many hours furiously putting these blogs together in order to get them up in the days leading up to IWD, so I could post a last-minute, personal blog on the day itself about the bizarre experience I had on the tube, when a man yelled a slur at me for reading a book about female friendship. It was unpleasant, but perfect blog inspiration in the week of International Women’s Day, and I was encouraged by my girlfriends to write something. I’m pleased with all three of the blogs I posted and am hugely encouraged by how many people have read them. Thanks team.

However, in-between work, pancakes, writing complicated and potentially fraught blog posts and lots of lovely time seeing friends, which isn’t always easy in London, my camera did not get a lot of love. In fact, other than a few shots while I was making pancakes (one of which is below) it got to Saturday and I had nothing else to show for this week.

Fortunately, Imogen suggested last-minute that we wander around Borough market on Saturday afternoon, which gave me a much needed opportunity to whip the camera out and play around.

Still-life pictures are not my favourite, but I do love bright colours and pictures of a group of items that clearly spills out beyond the borders of the image. For example, taking a close up of some cherries, where you can clearly tell that there are more cherries outside of the frame, giving the photo an almost infinite quality. I found a lot of these at the market, which made me very happy. I think some of them turned out very well. I’ll have to go back in the future and spend a bit more time poking around with my camera!

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

Let me know which photo is your favourite in the comments!

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