Get Snappy 9: London and Cornwall

Get Snappy 9: London and Cornwall

The glorious sun we were treated to last week sadly came to an end. We had a few more blissful sunny days (I am a sun worshipper through and through) before the heat broke and the rain arrived. The one good thing that came out of our tragic return to drizzle and clouds were some astonishingly moody views over the centre of London that made for some great pictures.

I was pleased that I’d taken some Get Snappy contenders so early in the week (if the week progresses without me taking any good photos I start fretting about when I might take some) but it turns out I needn’t have worried, because Cornwall has delivered the goods.

The forecast was for it to be drizzly and grey for most of the weekend, but fortunately we were blessed with a mostly dry and bright Saturday, during which we pottered around in the nature near Jake’s parents’ place and visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan (post forthcoming). It’s still early in spring so there were only a few species of flowers blooming (primarily magnolia, camellias and rhododendron) but it was beautiful regardless of the limited variety. I love spring in Cornwall and already can’t wait to be back in May when the flowers are going crazy.

Jake’s dad asked me to take some photos of the magnolia tree, a request I committed to wholeheartedly. I spent a long time capturing the tree from all sides and finding fun little angles. So much of the beauty of flowers is in the specific blooms themselves, so getting the whole tree to look good is hard as you lose the detail. My favourite photos are definitely the ones that focus in and capture the flowers close-up.

I love photographing flowers. I’ve always like bright things, which beautiful flowers are clearly a big ‘tick’ for  (got to bring those bees in somehow) and they are so pretty and delicate. You don’t get many flowers blooming naturally in London so it’s very special to go somewhere more rural and see so much fresh flora.

We are now preparing to drive back to London in the storm, despite many people scaremongering and warning us about trees falling into the road. Wish us luck!

Which photos are your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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