Tregardock beach, 2018

Tregardock beach, 2018

I read a lot of travel blogs, and one thing you come to realise is that every blogger has certain places they love, that they return to over and over and over again. One of those places for me is Tregardock beach. If you’ve read a few posts on this blog, you may have come across some glorious Tregardock photos. This beach is gorgeous.

I took a host of photos at Tregardock last year, as I managed to visit five times over the course of 2018. In fact, I love this collection of photos so much that I decided to get a book printed with them all in for me to have at home. As I was organising the images, I realised that I might as well create a virtual ‘photo-book’ here on Restless as I want to share them all with you too.

To make this even more of a good idea, I am in Cornwall right now, probably about to make 2019’s inaugural Tregardock visit. When better to look at a retrospective of Tregardock’s 2018 glory?

February 2018

This was the most beautiful I have ever seen a real place look. The sea mist hung in the air perfectly, making it look like the surface of the moon, or another world. Everything was bathed in a perfect blue tint.

I remember being absolutely speechless as I walked around with my camera, not truly believing that we’d come to the most perfect little place on such a perfect day. I have visited Tregardock many times, and while it is always beautiful, I have never again seen it quite like that. It was a very special moment to witness.

May 2018, part 1

This was a bizarre Tregardock visit. This weekend in Cornwall was gorgeous; blue sky, sun, and warm temperatures. We gleefully hopped in the car, prepared for a stunning walk on the beach. But as we drove closer and closer to the coast, something bizarre happened. A thick cloud of fog descended over the landscape – you could see it coming as you drove into it, a wall of white – which hung heavy in the air, unrelenting.

We kept driving, hoping that somehow the fog would lift by the sea and we would get to enjoy the sun over our favourite landscape.

But alas, the fog hung around steadfastly, turning what had been a beautiful spring day into a moment reminiscent of the winter just past. It was strange.

The benefit of the unexpected fog was how the fantastic green moss popped against the thick white background and the mussels showed up with excellent definition. At the time, I was disappointed, but I look back at the photographs now and it looks as beautiful as ever.

May 2018, part 2

In the UK, the month of May contains two public holidays, giving us two long weekends in the one month. It is excellent. We took this opportunity to visit Tregardock for the second time in one month and fared much on this second visit.

The day was overcast, but broadly clear, and the greens of the moss again popped against the backdrop. You have to walk a little way to reach the beach from the road and as you walk down to the coast a panorama of the whole beach comes into view. It is spectacular. So much of what makes Tregardock beautiful is the detail, the clusters of mussels, the rocks and the rockpools, the small patches of colour created by the moss or mussels or sea. It is good to also have that moment to appreciate the big picture.

September 2018

This weekend we visited with friends, bringing Matt and Imogen to our favourite spot. It was a fairly classic day – some clouds, good colours, choppy sea – though we ventured into the caves properly and messed around with the self-timer. It’s always fun photographing your favourite people in your favourite places.

December 2018

And then there was this day. It was so spectacular that I came home and immediately wrote a whole post about it, so desperate was I to share the amazing photographs I’d taken. I realised that a clear day, low tide and the sunset were going to intersect, so, despite some hesitation on the part of the others, I dragged everyone down to the beach. We were rewarded for this effort spectacularly.

I’d never seen the beach bathed in gold like that. Before the sun finally disappeared below the horizon, we were treated – and it was a treat – to an hour of perfect golden light, illuminating the water and the people and the sea mist. I was almost filled with nerves – could I possibly take pictures that showedjust how awesome this moment was? (A non-problem if there ever was one.)

I am pleased with what I brought away from that visit. Evening light reflecting on water always makes for some of my favourite pictures, plus the amazing pools of water caught between the rocks and, the pièce de résistance, a waterfall flowing rainbows. This was one of my favourite moments of the whole year.

What a wonderful year visiting Cornwall. Here’s to more beautiful days at Tregardock in 2019.

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    1. Thank you Eugine! It is honestly so special and almost no one knows about it (and fortunately my little blog is small enough that it will stay that way ☺️)

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