Get Snappy 8: London and Oxford

Get Snappy 8: London and Oxford

This has been an unexpectedly good week for photography. The days are getting longer, which means that the sunset now coincides pretty well with when I leave work and that I get all the good light on my cycle home. It has been so nice taking a slightly more meandering route home this week, criss-crossing the bridges and setting up along to river to catch the amazing light. Guys, the light this week has been fantastic!

I wrote in last week’s Get Snappy about how challenging I find city photography. That remains true. But one thing that is fantastic about cities (or at least London) is how the light – especially the colours of a sunset or sunrise – reflects off the vast towers of glass. I found some wonderful reflections this week and it was cool to see the colours of the sky spread across the buildings.

This week really made me appreciate the motivation that this blog series has given me to carry my camera at all times. I’ve loved cycling around the city after work, looking for good angles and great reflections, rather than briefly admiring the sky and heading home. This has been the first really warm week in London for a while and it was great to spend a little more time outside.

I’m now in Oxford for the weekend, at my parent’s house. We went for a long country walk yesterday and, to continue the theme of this week, the light was amazing. It was very hazy, which made the bright green of the grass pop and bathed everyone in a good glow. We then ate way too much food at a pub before walking home. I also tried to get some dog action shots, which proved more challenging than anticipated.

I’ve mentioned on this blog a few times that I don’t have enough good photos of my parents. I tried to rectify that this weekend. I took a couple of sweet portraits of them, which I am surprisingly pleased with, given that I find portraits hard. My dad is a very smiley man except when a camera is turned on him, so taking photos of him is all about serious expressions.

I also finally sorted out a more efficient organisation system for my photos. While I went through and made sure that all my random pictures were organised into albums last year, I’ve now got a proper system for splitting up the large stack of original images and the smaller set of photos that I’ve spent a little more time with, cropping, straightening and colour-correcting. This is going to be a good change given that sometimes the final versions of pictures get lost in the mass of originals!

I (obviously) never know exactly what a week will bring in terms of photography. This week definitely over delivered on great light and good views. Let me know what you think of the photos! Which one is your favourite?

Photo 1
Photo 2: The Walkie Talkie
Photo 3: Tate Modern
Photo 4: the Shard
Photo 5: the City
Photo 6: St Paul’s
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11: Mum
Photo 12: Dad

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