Get Snappy 5: London landmarks, in monochrome

Get Snappy 5: London landmarks, in monochrome

Hi, I’ve been a wet wipe this week. No really. I have been so tired, still taking antibiotics for this wisdom tooth, ending each day with a sore throat and feeling a bit lethargic. Mild illness or just January? You decide.

On Thursday, I did what everyone says you should do but never actually does: I took a preventative day off. I didn’t want to get any sicker and my jaw hurt and I’d finished a long project on Tuesday. There was nothing urgent on my to-do list. I took a day off and slept, read my book, wrote a blog, drank a lot of water and have felt fine, great, even, for the rest of the week (aside from the enduring tooth pain, because unfortunately rest does not solve the problem of an impacted wisdom tooth).

That was a good decision. My wet-wipeness is dissipating by the minute.

In terms of photography, I tried to get a little more creative. Amazing scenes rarely just unfold in front of you, especially when it’s dark during most of your free time (though it is getting lighter every day!). I tried to experiment more with weird close-ups of Jake’s eye – which did not make the cut for this post – and using black and white images.

I am coming to the unfortunate realisation that I massively prefer landscape and nature photography. There are amazing photographers who love street photography and architecture but right now, I’m not one of them. London is a photographic paradise for so many but I am somehow not as inspired by the buildings, glass and throngs of people as I am by green spaces, the ocean and animals.

I also spend a lot of my free time – when I’m not at home reading, writing and mispronouncing Polish vocabulary – hanging out with friends, often at their home or mine. I don’t do a lot of ‘London’ activities, mainly because they’re really expensive and I have this full, fun life here that doesn’t depend on brunch at the Sky Garden or drinks up the Shard. Those things would be fun, sure, but if I spent wildly in London, trying lots of new restaurants and going out for drinks all the time, it would significantly eat into my travel budget and travelling is more important to me than trying every new Brazilian sushi fusion place that opens up. Seriously, dinner out can often be the cost of a flight to another country, and I want to take that flight more than I want to eat that plate of pasta that I could easily make at home.

This being said, there was a beautiful day this week full of gorgeous clouds that I was happy to catch with my camera. The clouds had amazing texture and made the sky a great picture. St Paul’s continues to feature – being only five minutes away from my office is a large perk – as do other modern buildings and cool reflections. I’ve put a lot of duplicates in this post, with one in colour and the other in black and white. I’d be very interested in any thoughts on these, because I don’t feel I have an eye (yet) for black and white photography. I’m rarely sure when monochrome would enhance an image more than colour but I want to learn.

Sunday has also brought beautiful blue skies, so, while my friends were sleeping, I snuck out to my favourite spot in London to get some snaps. I’m actually really pleased with some of these Tower Bridge pictures, though I need to expand from the same five shots that I take every time.

I did manage to get photos of St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, the City and the Shard this week though, so it’s not a bad offering as far as London landmarks go.

In other photographic news, I put together a photobook of my favourite Tregardock beach photos that should be arriving next week. I think some of those photos are really special and I’m excited to have them all in one place, in print, to look through.

Next Sunday I’ll be in Bulgaria so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of exciting pictures to look through. Hopefully I’ll find my feet more in London with my camera over the course of 2019.

Photo 1: St Paul’s
Photo 2: St Paul’s B&W
Photo 3
Photo 4 B&W
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7 B&W (I really like this one)
Photo 8
Photo 9: Tower Bridge
Photo 10: Tower Bridge B&W
Photo 11: Tower Bridge
Photo 12: Tower Bridge B&W
Photo 13: the City
Photo 14: the City B&W
Photo 15: the City, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge
Photo 16
Photo 17: the Shard (+ a hint of Tower Bridge)
Photo 18: the Shard (+ a hint of Tower Bridge) B&W
Photo 19: Tower Bridge
Photo 20: Tower Bridge B&W (this one’s my favourite)

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