Get Snappy 4: Lapland, London, the lunar eclipse & a Labradoodle

Get Snappy 4: Lapland, London, the lunar eclipse & a Labradoodle

This week has been an almost perfect example of why I started this weekly blog feature. We returned from Finland on Monday evening, where I took almost a thousand photos across only a smattering of days, and, back in London, it took me until today, Sunday, to turn on my camera again.


I have carried it with me everywhere, I promise. I have dutifully carted my big DSLR and its charger to work and back every day, but somehow haven’t taken the crucial step of going outside, turning it on and pressing the shutter. 

The reasons for this are primarily that the weather has not been good and I have been very busy at work this week. Lots of rain, clouds and humidity did not made venturing out during my lunch break very appealing, nor did my intimidating to-do list. The combination of the end of the financial quarter, the start of the new year and Brexit carnage has resulted in an extremely busy January for me at work. All but one of my evenings this week were spent eating in other people’s houses, which was a blast but was also not a great opportunity to whip out my camera.

In other news, I also found out this week that I have an infected wisdom tooth that will need to be removed soon, such fun, and am now on antibiotics. We were then introduced to the world’s most magical enormous circular sofa chair and spent an hour scouring eBay for one of our own. This didn’t impede my photographic endeavours but I wanted to tell you anyway.

Last year, this lack of new photos would have been fine. I mainly took photos while I was away from London and weeks would easily slip by without me even registering that I hadn’t picked up my camera in a while. But this year I want things to be different. I want to take a lot of photos of London. I want to document my life more. I want to be taking photos every week, regardless of my location or schedule.

So basically things have been the same as last year, except I feel guilty now. Nailed it!

I’m joking. I started this project because I wanted that sense of accountability, that push to go out and find something new, beautiful and interesting to show you all. This week has shown me that, often, I’ll need it.

Fortunately, we were still in Finland at the start of this week so I have more Lapland photos to show you. These were all taken on Monday, as per the self-imposed rules of the Get Snappy feature.

Along with more beautiful snow and streaked skies, Monday morning also brought us a total lunar eclipse. It was awesome. This was no ordinary total lunar eclipse – if there is such a thing – but an extremely rare super blood wolf moon. I have no idea how it got that nickname but I do know that it was spectacular.

Now, I was planning to get up and participate in the eclipse photography session. But, when it came to it, Jake had already set up the camera and I was snuggled in a very warm bed. So he shot the moon through the window and I watched from my pillow fort. Therefore, you have Jake’s expansive knowledge of astrophotography to thank for the awesomeness of these pictures.

I know one of the rules was that I had to take all the pictures, but it seems a shame to not include these amazing photos. Plus it’s my blog, so whatever. And I did edit them so I definitely had a hand in the finished product.

In an effort to not only have pictures from one day out of seven, I also forced suggested to my parents that we have brunch in Notting Hill, a London neighbourhood I’d been wanting to wander around for a while. We ate at a painfully hip brunch place called Farm Girl, which, although the food was delicious, is going to receive a full review on this blog because I have to say something about the decision to put chlorophyll, charcoal and cashew cream in your breakfasts.

So yeah. Not a great variety of photos this week, but hopefully the super blood wolf moon makes up for it. And a super cute photo of my dog, because dogs improve everything.

Photo 1: Super blood wolf moon, Lapland
Photo 2: Super blood wolf moon, Lapland
Photo 3: Full moon, Lapland
Photo 4: Treescape, Lapland
Photo 5: Sunrise, 10.30am, Lapland
Photo 6: Sky on fire, Lapland
Photo 7: Notting Hill, London
Photo 8: Notting Hill, London
Photo 9: Our Lord and Saviour, Nemo

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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    1. Thank you Michael. It’s so lovely to hear that! You put a lot of stuff into the void on a blog so it’s amazing to get some feedback. And don’t worry, I will never stop hanging out with sweet little dogs!

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