My best photos of 2018

My best photos of 2018

Learning how to use a camera has been one of the best things about this year. My parents bought me a camera for Christmas last year, and as 2018 progressed, I found myself using it more and more. Case in point: two weeks in Australia left me with around 500 photographs, whereas, a mere six months later, a week in the Seychelles saw me walk away with almost 3000 pictures to sift through.

I’ve started viewing places – both abroad and at home – through a photographer’s lens, rather than just giving it a quick nod and moving on. Trying to take good photos makes me engage with my surroundings in a totally different way. It makes me think about which pictures would best represent a location; which images make me feel like I’ve captured somewhere accurately.

I’ve loved it all. Here are some of my best photos from 2018, in chronological order, spanning 8 different countries and numerous different locations.

This is from Tregardock beach, one of my favourite spots in the world, both to be and to photograph. I love how the mussels have a shine from the ocean mist and all the delicate features.

A photo from the same day as the previous image. I love the mist, the shine from the water and the otherworldly feel.

Trigg beach, Perth. I like how the different segments – the sky, the sea and the sand – are so neatly demarcated. Also I’m a sucker for bright colours and the colour blue so this is my dream.

The view over Bondi Beach, Sydney. I think the girl posing in the bottom corner (and her shadow) make this picture. There are a lot of beach pictures in this post. I make no apologies for that.

Bedruthan’s Steps, Cornwall, in May.

Another from Bedruthan’s Steps. I love the colour of the water and how the rocks draw you into the middle of the image.

Not a beach picture! This is the Duomo in Milan, which may be the most impressive cathedral I’ve ever seen. Looking up and finding interesting angles is (so far) my favourite way to photograph large, elaborate structures.

I also like how the contrails in the sky draw you to the same point as the building.

The pairing of the sunglasses and the water is too good to pass up. This is from France, in August, so it’s definitely the case that most of these photos were taken in the latter half of this year. How bright and fun is this photo? Also how cute is my model? Hehe.

The view from Crib Goch, the “treacherous” route to the summit of Mount Snowdon. I think this photo is very atmospheric and I love the blues and greens together.

…and we’re back to Tregardock beach. I can’t help it. This photo would be just okay if not for the interloper in the bottom corner. Spot the Imogen.

Two of Tower Bridge and the City at night. Anyone who’s read a London post of mine probably knows how much I love Tower Bridge. It is so beautiful and photogenic I can’t cope.

I’ve been trying to improve my low-light photographs so I’m really happy with how these turned out. I also love the colours in this, along with the classic mix of old and new between the bridge and the financial district.

The ceiling of a church in Copenhagen. I can’t remember the name of the church because I’m a bad blogger. I like the abstract symmetry of the chandelier and the ceiling decorations.

This photo. I can’t even pinpoint what I love about this picture, but something about the framing and colours and the clean lines just makes me happy. This is from Copenhagen’s central square.

Now, for this photo, technically Sophie was holding the camera. But the screen was turned to face me and I did all the settings so I’m counting it. I like how the light hits my face and how joyful and vital I look. Though with an ice cream encased in chocolate it’s hard not to be thrilled.

Another of Tower Bridge; this one was taken while I was standing on the bridge itself. I think this photo gives you a real sense of perspective as to the size of the bridge, plus you can see some of the ornate details.

Four from St Vitus’ Cathedral in Prague. As with Milan’s Duomo, looking up gave me the best pictures. I like how different levels of the church layer, plus all the different angles and details. I tried to narrow it down but I like all of them, especially as a set!

From the Czech Republic to the Seychelles. I like the vibe you get from this shot of the beachfront bars on Anse Source D’Argent and how the sun dapples through the canopy.

Sunsets make for great photos. That’s no revelation. But I absolutely love the effect of the reflection of the sun on the sea and wet sand. Also the colours, of course. All of the photos in this post are edited a little – I’ve discovered that editing is just part of photography – but the colours in these are especially true to life. If this was Instagram, this is where I’d put the heart-eye emoji.

This photo was a joint effort. Jake knows a lot about astronomy and astrophotography, so showed me how to take a shot like this. This was a thirty second exposure. The stars are wow and we are cute. More astrophotography in 2019.

These plants are all over the Seychelles. They are as bright as they look here and I was entranced by them (or as entranced as you can be by a plant). They are bright and waxy and so eye-catching!

I really really love this photo of the sunset from Grand Anse beach on Praslin. I think the texture of the sky is so delicate, the light on the water is so gentle and the silhouette works well. Also the perfectly clear horizon. This moment was very peaceful and I think this image reflects that.

Different day, same spot: the sunset from Grand Anse beach on Praslin Island. I like the gentle lens flare and how the helicopter adds a little intrigue.

Another sunset. I’m a simple creature.

There are only a few underwater photos on this list, even though I was truly blessed to see so much amazing undersea wildlife in 2018. Improving my underwater photography is definitely on the list for 2019. In this picture, I like the sun coming through the water and the hidden stingray’s cheeky eye.

I love the colours in this, obviously, and how the fish is breaking the surface. Most fish swim away as soon as you get close but these silver and gold fish were super friendly and would swim right up to our hands.

Two of the most amazing shoal of bright red fish. I especially love the angle in the first red fish photo, as I was totally at their level.

The final Seychelles sunset from Beau Vallon beach on Mahé island. Sunsets, lens flare and reflections on sand. Yes, themes are emerging.

Back to London. This is part of the route I sometimes walk on my lunch break. This photo has a lot of texture, which makes it interesting, plus the shadows on the Millennium Bridge are really striking.

One from the bathroom in Peckham Levels. Imogen rocks a glittery eye.

This is the decoration on one of the coffins in the crypt of Kraków‘s Royal Cathedral. This is clearly how I would like to be commemorated one day.

Taking photos in the dark is hard. Taking photos in the dark when you’re trying not to fall behind your group is harder still. I love the falling snow in this photo and how isolated is seems, like it could be anywhere.

A tree in Cornwall as the mist came through in the morning. I know I took this, but how atmospheric is this picture?! All dark and twisty.

Tregardock beach, again. I’m sorry. But I’m also not sorry because it is so beautiful. I like how the people add scale to this misty beach.

So much texture, plus the blue and gold/yellow tones really works for me.

Okay this is a waterfall that looks like it’s flowing rainbows. It’s awesome. I’m glad I spotted this shot.

I just loooooove this picture. I love how the water is perfectly flat in the foreground. I love the contrast of the empty top half to the busy, detailed bottom half. Also sunset and lens flare. I’m pleased.

Two of the texture of the sea at sunset. Light reflecting on water, and all that.

As above. These are all from the same evening. Maybe it’s because they’re recent or because my photography has improved, who knows, but I think I got some great shots from this one afternoon at the beach. My happy place.

Branching out into nature. I love how green and lush and varied the contents of this picture are. Cloudy skies make landscapes difficult but details bright and easy.

And finally (congratulations to anyone who is still here with me. I love you) – this picture was taken today. A little window looking up at a fallen tree, full of green and nature and details and perspective and all that good stuff.

I think that’s pretty good selection of my photographs from this year. Fifty photographs may seem like a lot, but given I’ve narrowed down approximately eight thousand pictures to pick these few I think fifty is an acceptable number. As I said, photography has been one of the best things about this year, and sharing my photographs on this blog is part of that. Thanks for visiting my spot on the internet. Hope to see you in 2019.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in a comment!

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79 thoughts on “My best photos of 2018

    1. Beautiful photos!
      You and I have the same taste in subject matter.
      beaches, rock formations, nature in general and architecture.
      I really enjoyed seeing them and vicariously traveling through them.
      Thanks for sharing!


  1. You’re my favourite person and very talented. Nepal won’t let me load all the pics so I can’t say my fave for sure but I love the sky gargoyle one from pRogue 👌

    1. You are MY favourite person. Thanks for always making time to make me feel good even when you’re 1000s of miles away ☺️❤️

  2. As you would have guessed, my favourite is without any doubt the tree in Cornwall! I admire you for going through all the myriad photos taken throughout 2018! I’m so much older, and might possibly have taken even more photos going along. I am feeling hopelessly overwhelmed by the sheer thought of choosing anything from the lot. Let’s talk about it one day in 2019. Going back to why I love the tree in Corwall: your own comment says it all. It’s beautiful in an ambiguous and unexpected way – maybe not so for other folks but it certainly is for me. Great stuff.

    1. I would love to chat photography with you next year! We have so many ofyour photos at home and they’re so beautiful. Yes the tree is great, it was an amazing morning with the mist rolling over the hills. Thanks for taking a look Irmgard ❤️

  3. Great photos Ellie. You’ve captured some beautiful shots and it seems like you are relishing every moment life offers. Hope our paths cross again sometime and keep being awesome!

    1. Thanks Alexa. It’s the most insane structure! I had a load more cool photos from there but this one was my favourite ☺️

  4. Great pictures Ellie .. you have taken us on a real journey … physically as well as with your personal development. I share your fascination with the beaches … the way you isolated Bondi beach for instance. One of the most popular beaches in Australia yet you focussed the attention on the raw beauty of the beach. And the bridges … showing what makes them work structurally as well as from a design point of view. The way you singled out the different elements of the churches and cathedrals. Yes, the stars and the snowfall out might. Intimate. The fallen tree .. but my favourite would have to be the rainbow waterfall. Exceptional. It sums up who you are, who you have become. Someone aware of the beauty that’s is around you.

    1. Wow, what a beautiful comment. Thank you, Erle. I’ve learned that so much of photography is finding your own angle on a place and picking up the little details someone else might miss. Glad to hear you think I’m doing it well!

  5. They just kept on getting better and better, love the little window at the end! You had a great year, I hope 2019 is just as wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn! I definitely feel I improved a lot as the year went on and am so pleased with some of those later pictures! Thanks for reading.

  6. Hi Ellie
    Just clicked on your blog…beautiful photos!!
    Love the Bedrithan steps! My parents took us to the hotel there as children and I had many happy days playing on the beach there. Thanks for the memories ❤

    1. Thank you Fiona! I LOVE Bedruthan’s Steps, it’s such an amazing beach. I really should do a whole post about it as I’ve got so many photos ☺️

  7. These are absolutely beautiful! Have you shared these on Pixabay or Pexels? Because I feel I came across the astro-photo while searching for photos for one of my posts, “Perfect – Ed Sheeran”. It has the ‘dancing in the dark’ vibe, absolutely love it.

    1. Thanks Aarnav ☺️ and no I haven’t shared it there! If it is there, could you send me a link? I’d love to have a look.

  8. I could sit reading these blogs all evening, the farmers blog the book blog , and I loved the Netflix blog especially lesson 3

    1. Joshua that is so, so kind – thank you so much! Often you don’t get much feedback on blogs so it means a lot to hear you enjoyed them ☺️

    1. Thanks Mimi! Yes, they’ve all been through minor edits (brightening, cropping, some colour brightening or muting) – at first I felt bad, like editing was cheating. But I’ve realised now that editing is part of photography and embraced it! All the edits are minor though; there are no huge changes from the originals, no Photoshopping things in or out etc

    1. Thanks Brian, that’s so kind. It was so atmospheric up there! I wrote a whole blog about climbing Snowdon (and made a video!) if you’re interested ☺️

    1. Thanks Prayoga! We’d clearly get on, because beaches at sunset with warm tones are absolutely my favourite photos from this list too. Thank you for reading ☺️

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