27th December, Cornwall, UK

27th December, Cornwall, UK

I’ve already written a whole blog about Tregardock beach. It’s probably totally unnecessary to write another one, and yet, I don’t care. Too beautiful to not share the amazing afternoon we spent on this beach today.

In a year that took me from the UK to Australia to the south of France to the Seychelles, this beach is without a doubt my favourite spot of 2018. Technically, I first visited Tregardock during the summer of 2017, but I feel that I’ve only appreciated its utter beauty this year so it still counts. Plus it’s my blog. So whatever.

I wanted to go today particularly (though I would come to this place literally any day) because low tide coincided beautifully with the sunset and a rare clear sunny day. The photographic and amazing view potential was extremely high and I pride myself on capitalising on good light and great days at the beach.

As always, Tregardock felt like another world. Today, I was especially struck by the wealth of textures, from the rocks, mussels and footprints dotting the landscape. Also the sunset I’d been counting on materialised as I’d hoped. Sometimes everything just comes together.

I had decided in advance that I would not be swimming. I’ve had a sore throat for almost week, plus last night I was afflicted by the same, mercifully brief, sickness bug that brought down my entire family. It would be lunacy to jump in the ocean, on the 27th of December, in the freezing cold.

But I did bring my swimming costume. Just in case.

As we made our way down to the coast – it’s a twenty-five minute walk from the nearest road – and the ocean came into view, I thought immediately, “I must get in there.”

So I was powerless to avoid it, really. The sea calls to me. I can’t help it.

It was cold. Of course it was cold. But, somehow, it was refreshing rather that oppressive. I temperature regulate unusually efficiently – something I’d suspected for years and was eventually proved in a university physiology practical TAKE THAT EVERYONE WHO DOUBTED ME – so, after a good ocean frolic, I popped a jumper on and ran around the beach with my camera, dressed in only the aforementioned jumper and my rolled down swimming costume. If I get a cold, it will be 1000% my own fault. I will still complain.

The great conflict between wanting to be in the ocean and on the beach photographing the ocean rages on. Wading in in a wet swimming costume seemed like the best possible compromise.

Other than ill-advised swimming, we finally, after seven visits, made it to the other side of the beach – a whole two hundred metres away, though over numerous rocks and rock pools – to see the waterfall.

I managed to catch it so it looked like the waterfall was made of rainbows. SO COOL.

We waited until the sun had dipped below the horizon before starting the climb back up to the cars.

As we climbed back up from the beach, Jake said, “I always forget how happy you are around the ocean.”

“I’m a pretty happy person generally.”

“True. But give you the sea and good light and it’s another level of happiness.”

He’s right. Me running around the beach with a camera in a swimming costume is as close to my natural habitat as you can get right now (or lying in yesterday’s clothes covered in cookie crumbs but we don’t talk about that).

I was hoping for a relaxed and restful week in Cornwall. Currently, my expectations are being exceeded. Tregardock does it again.

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