Sushi, sugar and settling in for winter

Sushi, sugar and settling in for winter

Other than a brief trip to Poland in December with Jake’s family (are we all ready for me to unleash my elementary Polish on the world with abandon? Take cover) my passport will be staying put for the rest of the year. Given I’ve taken 19 flights so far already this year – I’m sorry, polar bears – I’m okay to keep the passport usage to a minimum. However, as this is a travel blog, it means I’m going to have to get creative for something to write about. Don’t worry, the posts on ‘three terribly brilliant TV cooking shows’ and ‘Netflix Christmas films that will make you want to stick a fork in your eye while simultaneously planning your move to Aldovia’ are already in my drafts folder (not a joke).

You can also expect rundowns of other trips this year that have so far not been mentioned: my wonderful trip to Australia to see my lovely friends and family, a trip to Milan in which we ate pizza and pasta and pizza and gelato and pizza and a trip to France with the best not-family family I could ever have hoped for, with a daytrip to French A&E to boot.

My joyful trip down under seeing these cuties deserves to be immortalised…
…as does this pizza I had on the shores of Lake Como. What? I have my priorities.

I also need to write more about London. There’s a lot to capture about living here and, still being a relative newbie, I’m learning as much anyone about all the cool things going on here. That being said, it’s difficult for me to write about London, because, um, I’m woefully bad at being tourist in my own city, despite the fact that it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations.

I always have grand plans for London activities, like finally going to Columbia Road Flower Market or spending more time in Notting Hill, Shoreditch and Brixton or taking my camera to St Paul’s. I also need to eat more cake in London, because giving you guys the lowdown on London’s best slice is the kind of content I feel this blog needs.

I need to branch out from compulsively photographing Tower Bridge

However, I’ve been distracted from baked goods that require me to leave my house by the baked goods I’ve been producing from the comfort of my own kitchen. I have settled the fuck in for winter and if you’re not passing me a cookie or a blanket then I probably don’t want to hear it. This weekend, I baked thirty Smarties cookies and ate thirty Smarties cookies. The only kind of exploring going on here is exploring the capacity of my stomach. The answer: bigger than thirty cookies.

But it’s still November so I might as well take out shares in Smarties if I’m going to continue to consume at this rate. Or, I could brave the cold and actually go outside, saving me from myself and the Smarties from… myself, also.

It now gets dark at 4pm. This is unacceptable. I want to speak to the manager.

This all being said, I did go to an excellent sushi restaurant on Saturday that bears mentioning. C&R Izakaya (who named you?), in Bayswater, had the kind of sushi that it worth paying good money for – which is great, as that’s exactly what my parents did in order for us to eat there. Love you guys. Thanks for feeding me raw fish on semi-regular basis.

The salmon sashimi was like a really delicious, fishy butter. The ikura sushi (salmon roe) had the most brilliant texture, with each roe popping individually. The tobiko sushi (flying fish roe) was still good but the bigger salmon roe were much better. The fatty tuna sashimi was like an even more rich and delicious fishy butter. I’m not sure if I’m really selling this to you. It’s weird generally that raw fish and literal seaweed would be so appealing.

The main problem with sushi is eating enough of it. Each bite is delicious but probably constitutes 1/40th of the kind of meal I will usually need to satiate my demanding appetite. For reference, Jake and I often make a whole bag of pasta for dinner, just for the two of us. There are no leftovers.

My brother understands this too. “Let’s get the big sushi set – 42 pieces.” He looked around the table. “What are you guys having?”

The aftermath

I have also no photos of said delicious sushi, because I still feel concerned that I might be becoming someone who takes photos of their food. The horror. Also, I thought, naively, ‘I won’t put this on this blog,’ which just shows my lack of understanding of my brain and the kind of random moments and information I will want to share with the world in the future.

So yeah, other than trying a great new sushi restaurant, it’s been pretty quiet for me in London the past few weeks. Lots of reading, writing and baking huge quantities of cookies only for them to disappear within 48 hours. And going to work, of course. But outside of my 9-5, words and sugary snacks dominate. This is not a bad existence.

Hopefully, we will get to a few festive London activities in the next few weeks. Last year we went ice-skating in the Tower of London and it was great, but all the other things on the list fell by the wayside in favour of, uh, cookies and cuddling. I can’t say I regret any of those choices, but I would like to see Christmas at Kew Gardens and drink more mulled wine this year. We can cuddle anytime for free but I can only buy overpriced cups of hot wine a few weeks of the year, so I better make the most of it.

So that’s the next few weeks. Some retrospective posts because it took me until now to actually sit down and write and hopefully some fun Christmas in London stuff. Those posts do, unfortunately, depend on me leaving the house. Hmm. Pass me a cookie and I’ll think on it.

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